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What do you get when you combine the following?

• Discipline & coordination from gymnastics
• Strength & agility from obstacle course training
• “Coolness” & Creativity from freestyle movement
= NinjaZanis

The BEST Movement, Strength & Fitness Program for Boys & Girls in the WORLD!

NinjaZanis provides physical benefits, including muscular strength, endurance, speed, agility, and coordination. Kids learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. In addition, NinjaZanis classes improve a child’s intrinsic motivation. NinjaZanis kids are encouraged to beat their personal best. In response, kids continue to push to better their own performance, rather than focus on a comparison to others. Ninja training is about moving, clearing obstacles, and having fun!

NinjaZanis are challenged each 2nd week with new obstacles, skillz, and variations.

Increase Confidence
The NinjaZanis Coaching Team work on individual and team-based skills to give kids the opportunity to learn new skills and progress at their own rate. We love seeing the pride on our NinjaZanis’ faces when they achieve a new skill!

Gain Strength
Gymnastics based conditioning is key for achieving Ninja Skillz and clearing obstacles, so our coaches do a range of fun, yet effective conditioning circuits and games that will improve strength!

Improve Co-Ordination
Our balance, speed and trampoline obstacles and other gymnastics equipment, are great for improving coordination. Parkour elements add progressive challenges, which result in exciting obstacle clearance and fun-classes.

Happy Mind
There are many emotional benefits in becoming a NinjaZanis! Improved self-esteem, increased physical strength, being a part of a team and overcoming physical challenges, all contribute to a positive, happy young mind!

Having Fun
NinjaZanis obstacles incorporate so many different skills. Grip strength, speed, agility, balance, plus gymnastics swinging, tumbling and parkour. Kids will gain new friends and potentialy even work towards competing at NinjaZanis festivals!

All NinjaZanis kidz to wear NinjaZanis t-shirts & NinjaZanis head bands, with bare feet / white socks. NinjaZanis masks also available!

Participants will participate at the NinjaZanis Games to be crowned as the NinjaZanis Champion!

NinjaZanis run through different obstacle courses trying to capture the best time and most obstacles completed!

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