Gymnastics for Kids

Pre-School Gymnastics

Zanis Pre-School Gymnastics is presented to kids from the age of two. Classes are presented during mornings between 8:00 and 14:00. Gymnasts are being transported from schools to Zanis and back. Pre-School parents also have the option to bring gymnasts themselves.

The Zanis Pre-School programme is a fun-filled, low risk development programme. Zanis offers excellent facilities for the little ones in a positive environment, with maximum 8 kids per coach.


Zanis also provide luxury transport for the pre-schoolers. All drivers / coaches who are transporting Zanis Gymnasts, are in the possession of a Public Driver's Permit.


Zanis T-shirt / Zanis training top and cycle pants is a must and contribute to the discipline in the gym! Zanis drimacs or sweaters are available for winter.

Training Attire: Girls
Did you know?

According to research in the USA the pre-schooler that does gymnastics is 50% more prepared for school than the child that does not do gymnastics.

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